Remote rural tourist destinations in Sri Lanka

If you wish to get rid of busy life you spend and get a rest somewhere calm and quite, then you have to find a remote, rural, wild place to travel. If you come to Sri Lanka there are some ideal remote lonely relatively unspoiled places for you to visit. If you like to avoid crowds, fancy restaurants, big hotels then we have selected some remote places in Sri Lanka for you to to fulfill the lonely experience for you.


Way to Meemure
Way to Meemure – (Panoramio photo by Danushka Senadheera)

This is a village located near the border between Kandy district and Matale district. This village has only one access via a trail from the town of Loolwatte. If you are coming from Colombo its 7 hour drive and to reach Meemure have to go through the 14km trail.

Population of this small village is just around 400. The village is very calm and quiet and the villagers are very friendly. No cellular connection is available in this area, only some connections of CDMA works. The true beauty of Sri Lankan tradition and the life style is still very common in this village.

No transportation system is available in this village and the visitors have to walk through the trails throughout the journey. There is a beautiful waterfall very close to Meemure. From the village it will only take half hour walk. It is safe to bath and dive.

If you wish to camp there are couple of ideal places for that. It is better if you take your own tents and go to have an amazing camp fire experience with a BBQ.


Knuckles Mountain range forest
Knuckles Mountain range forest

This is one of the hill top of Knuckles. This mountain is 142 km away from Colombo. It is bit hard to drive a heavy vehicle to the top. Except for few tea factories there are no buildings in this mountain. Though this mountain is highly popular among tourists this place is very calm and quiet.

To reach the top of Riverstan visitors will have to walk through a private road which is constructed to travel to the telecommunication towers. While you walk to the top you can experience the changing climate. This is an instant change. Sometimes you can feel little sun rays, instantly it will change to a heavy mist. May be it will change to a heavy rain or a heavy wind.

If you pass the top of the Riverstan and go few kilometers ahead you can find an ideal water stream which falls from Riverstan for a bath. This is very safe for a bath and it is not even deep.


Entrance to Ritigala Reserve
Entrance to Ritigala Reserve

Ritigala is situated in Sri Lanka’s North Central Province, 25 miles (40 kilometers) southeast of Anuradhapura. This mountain is higher than 2000ft. Best thing about this mountain is the forest types we meet when we hike to the top. The bottom part of the mountain range is Dry Mixed Evergreen Forest type, the middle part of the range is Tropical Montane Forest type and the highest terrain of Upper Montane Forest type.

To enter a strict nature reserve normally we have to get the permission from the Department of Wildlife Conservation. Since Archeological Department has allowed visitors to Ritigala to sight see around 60 acres of this prime Ecological wonder in the dry zone inside the forest land it is easy for the visitors to explore this natural wonder.

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Rural unspoiled villages Eg. Lankagama and Nueluwa at Sinharaja, Pitakale at sinharaja, Madolsima close to Badulla
Places in Northern Peninsula – Eg. some parts of Mannar, Jaffna, Delft and Mullaittivu

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    Misty Mountain Lodge Ohiya

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    Wish u all the best for a new destination.Another rural destination in the rambukkana.padavi gampala area.pls research it for us.

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    You can visit Jambugahapitiya for village visit . This is green village which you can experience Paddyfield visits , Village walk and local cooking experience also .

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    Where could one stay when visiting knuckles?

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