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Diyawanna oya park close to Parliament – Diyatha uyana

Diyatha Uyana, Diyawanna oya park is located close to the Parliament of Sri Lanka. You will find many different things to do while you are visiting the park and in the surrounding areas. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful park and all the things it has to offer and all the other places you can visit.

Tourist Attractions

Diyatha Uyana Park

Diyatha Uyana Park

As you are walking in the park you will find beautiful flower shops which are located on the banks of the Diyawanna oya wetland. This was recently opened to the public. You will have the ability to walk along the riverside. You can even take a river-boat ride. Here you will find a leaf shaped bus stop, cement seats and tables and a central water fountain. There is a fountain with changing colours and children’s play areas. 3D paintings area is a major visitor attraction as you can take photographs with your loved ones. Diyatha uyana 3d Photographs

Diyatha uyana 3d Photographs

Many individuals enjoy the park because of its relaxing environment. You will see numerous students sitting studying. They have been known to say that it was an excellent place to study because of it being so relaxing. You will even find a floating restaurant and a floating hotel. The floating restaurant is an excellent place for weddings, receptions, and even corporate events. You can do walking, jogging and cycling along paved pathways. Sail boats and paddle crafts offer water sporting and sightseeing opportunities. While you are at Diyawanna oya park you will feel so relaxed and enjoy the breathtaking view. Walking along the water will calm you and rejuvenate you. There are so many different attractions for individuals to enjoy that there may not be enough time to see them all. There is truly something for everyone to enjoy while you are visiting.

Things to do and See at Diyatha Uyana

  • beautiful flower shops located on the banks of the Diyawanna oya waters
  • walk along the riverside.
  • take a river-boat ride or Sail boats and paddle crafts
  • leaf shaped bus stop
  • cement seats and tables
  • central water fountain
  • fountain with changing colors
  • children’s play areas.
  • relaxing environment – students can even stud
  • Food outlets – refresh with a snack and drink
  • floating restaurant and floating hotel.
  • walking, jogging and cycling along paved pathways.
  • Take a 3D photograph
  • circular aquarium

Diyatha Uyana Location map

Picture Gallery of Diyatha Oyana Park and Area

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