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UK Telegraph says Sri Lanka is a safe country to travel

Jaffna Sri Lanka Ariel view
Jaffna Sri Lanka Ariel view

The UK Telegraph writer Andrew Eames, described the tourist attractions in Jaffna and pointed out that Sri Lanka is now a safer country for tourists.

The UK newspaper mentioned that it is safe to spread out and explore Sri Lanka where the roads are being resurfaced, buildings are reconstructed, and there’s an optimism in the air. Writer of Telegraph, Andrew Eames says that out of the eight people he talked to on their first day in Jaffna, four were post-war returnees – one from the South, another from India, and two from London.

The writer continues that they took in the traditional tourism sights such as the huge Hindu Temple at Nallur, with a magnificent intricately-carved monumental tower, glowing gold in the evening sun and the impressive Dutch-built Fort, still with its moat, but built on a scale that one need a micro light to appreciate.

Read original article form ITN site.

Read full story from UK Daily Telegraph Newspaper

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